Cobra Ball

Shree and I at Pacific City OR, 2008

The Cobra Ball at Day Break Park, Clark County WA summer 2008

The Cobra Ball is an RV-4 built by Lee McDaniel and first flown on Mothers Day 1983 and was the third RV-4 to fly, possibly the oldest one still in service. Lee built the plane in about 2 years back when you were building basically from scratch using a materials kit and engineers drawings, Lee finished and flew the plane before the build manual was published and well ahead of Vanís ability at the time to supply components, this is what got Lee the job of vending weldments for Vanís Aircraft.

The Cobra Ball is not a standard RV-4, it sports a 200+HP angle valve IO-360 Lycoming engine turning a MTV-15B-183-33 Constant Speed prop, Titanium landing gear legs for all three wheels, Lift spoilers and much more. The empty weight is 1065lbs and climb rate is approaching 3000 feet per minute solo and half fuel, at 1750lbs we can still climb at about 2000 feet per minute!

After purchasing the Cobra Ball in May 05 I have put 1200+ hours on it including an engine & prop overhaul, total Hobbs time 2550+ hours and climbing. Iím starting to get the hang of it!

Russ McCutcheon