RV-1 engine mount

In 2011 some of the RV guys in Texas (Paul Dye, Jay Pratt and maybe others) formed a group to save/restore the RV-1, Vanís first RV; the aircraft is a Stits Playboy with metal cantilever wings, RV type cowl and canopy. The ďFriends of the RV-1Ē found and purchased the little airplane in 2011 and trailered it to RV Central, Jay Prattís place in Texas, they sent us the engine mount for a little TLC. The mount had been relieved to clear the mags on a bigger engine; we just replaced those tubes to allow the clearance in a more elegant way.


The RV-1 engine mount as it came off the RV-1 in mid 2011.

The finished RV-1 engine mount.

The crew with the finished RV-1 engine mount 7-6-2011

RV-1 engine mount installed on the RV-1 with itís new Arrowsport Power engine!

Me with the RV-1 in Vanís Aircraft hanger

My Signature on the RV-1 Baffle ramp.

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