Welcome to the McCutcheon Metal Fabrication service information page.

Here at McCutcheon metal we specialize in TIG welded manufacturing of aircraft components but we also offer one of a kind jobs and prototyping, just about anything you can think of. One of our best kept secrets is that we build furniture, this is a table I designed about 8 years ago for my parentís kitchen, itís just the right height and size and you never bump your knees on the legs! Itís not the cheap China stuff you find at popular chain stores, its built buy hand out of solid steel bar. If this interests you or you have other ideas/needs give me a call. 


Below is an RV-4 engine mount ready to come out of the welding fixture after repair, his old landing gear was ready to slip right back in the mount sockets and go right back on the airplane with no further changes, this saved the customer many hours over buying and fitting the new RV-4 mount to his old RV-4.


An other engine mount for an RV-4, this one was in bad shape, we cut it apart and saved the dynafocal ring and the Z-frame = (the landing gear structure) everything else new.

A stack of RV-4 engine mounts read to go.

RV-6,7,9 rudder pedals ready to.

RV tail wheel forks ready for finish welding.

Below are some pictures of the new RV-12 engine mount for the UL power engine This first one belongs to AL Smith of Missouri, we will build these to order for all who want to use the UL power engine on their RV-12.


ALís RV-12 with the UL engine hanging on our engine mount!