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Ard and away from the eye, called ectropion. In this case, the opening of the tear duct is no longer in contact with the main tear reservoir, and severe epiphora may occur. Epiphora, combined with the effects of drying of the eye and drooping of the eyebrow, may lead to significant visual impairment. When the central branches of the facial nerve are damaged, paralysis of the nose and midfacial, or cheek, regions occur. Paralysis of the nose leads to nasal obstruction because the nostril is no longer able to flare out to the side, but instead collapses against the central portion of the nose. Weakness in the cheek region can lead to collection of food between the cheek and gum when eating and problems with oral hygiene. Paralysis of the mouth leads to severe facial asymmetry when smiling. viagra without a doctor prescription overnight generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription viagra online cheap viagra online cheap viagra without a prescription buy viagra online from canada drugs cheapest online viagra buy cheap viagra pills online buy viagra on line The patient also has difficulty drinking with a straw and may suffer from significant drooling. Weakness in the lower face causes drooping of the muscles and skin over the jaw, or jowling. This is predominantly a cosmetic issue, though it may worsen the drooling. The effects of facial paralysis are worsened by the normal-functioning side of the face. Through a condition that we refer to as compensatory contra lateral contraction, a patient’s desire to move the paralyzed side of the face results in excessive muscular contraction on the functional side. This causes unopposed pull of the facial features toward the normal side of the face. Examples include hyper-contraction of the forehead, elevating the eyebrow above its normal position and contraction of the corner of the mouth, causing a grimacing expression. These effects are significantly age dependent. A young patient with good overall tone of the facial muscles and skin will have fewer functional and cosmetic concerns, while an elderly patient will have rapid onset of significant symptoms. Symptomsthe onset of symptoms with facial paralysis depends on the etiology of the problem. With infectious or inflammatory paralysis, the symptoms may progress for several days to peak at five to seven days. Paralysis caused by tumors may worsen gradually for weeks or months. Traumatic.
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