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Reported in the literature during the past 30-plus years. (3,23,24) only one of these cases involved a patient with neurofibromatosis type 1. (24) surgery is universally recognized as the best form of treatment. (4,6,7) surgery should be carried out in all cases in which ample local exeresis is possible. It may be combined with a course of postop radiotherapy. (2,4,6-8,10,24-28) radiotherapy is considered a useful palliative modality in cases in which the surrounding structures have been invaded and the tumor cannot be enucleated enucleated adjective referring to an eye that has been traumatically or surgically removed from the orbit. Cf anucleated. (23) radiotherapy is administered to reduce the possibility of local recurrence and to treat cases of isolated recurrence and tumors that cannot be excised. buy viagra viagra for sale buy viagra online cheap generic viagra buy viagra online generic viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription buy generic viagra buy viagra online buy generic viagra However, it is well known that malignant schwannoma is usually resistant to both radio- and chemotherapy, although chemotherapy may play a role in the treatment of surgical failures. (4,6-8,24,25,29,30) in such cases, different chemotherapeutic agents have been utilized singly or in combination. Sordillo et al (31) suggested that chemotherapy might be effective in cases of associated neurofibromatosis type 2, but the meager amount of data in the literature is frankly disheartening disâ·heartâ·en â  tr. V. Disâ·heartâ·ened, disâ·heartâ·enâ·ing, disâ·heartâ·ens to shake or destroy the courage or resolution of; dispirit. See synonyms at discourage. (32-34) some success has been reported, but only in isolated case reports as opposed to clinical studies. For example, ohnishi et al described a case of malignant schwannoma of the mandibular nerve that was treated with surgery and chemotherapy; the patient had no evidence of disease at 5 years of follow-up. (27) bruckner et al reported the complete regression of an inoperable malignant schwannoma of the posterior neck after combined-modality treatment with radio- and chemotherapy (vinblastine vinblastine /vinâ·blasâ·tine/ (vin-blasâ´ten) an antineoplasticvinca alkaloid used as the sulfate salt in the palliative treatment of a variety of malignancies.  plus doxorubicin). (34) athow and kirkham observed a partial response to chemotherapy in the treatment of a malignant schwannoma of the parotid gland. (35) most recently, zanon et al suggested that despite the general ineffectiveness of chemotherapy, the most active drugs in the control of tumor growth in malignant schwannoma are decarbazine, doxorubicin, and ifosfamide. (21) in our patient, only (iv[a. Sup. 2] (our second line of therapy) appeared to control the growth of the tumor. In fact, we observed clinically that the size of the tumor remained unchanged for a long period. We acknowledge that chemotherapy has litt.

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